Lotus Lifestyle Group Offers Practical Meditation Sessions

Meditation helps us to understand our own mind. It is the transformation of mind to positive from negative, to peaceful from disturbed. Meditation is a profound, spiritual practice that can be enjoyed at any moment, throughout the day, given the right tools.


With meditation training, the mind gradually becomes more peaceful, with clarity and understanding of thought. A still mind leads to a 'purer' inner happiness, even in times of adversity.

Different Techniques Offered: 

1. Breathing Meditation - Focussing on Pranyama (Life Force) and Chanting of Holy sounds.

2. Analytical Meditation - Contemplation of teachings of love, joy, virtue and compassion.

3. Placement Meditation - Stillness of mind; Focal point concentration.


Other forms of meditation include 'walking' & 'eating' meditation, creating awareness and connection to Earth, with Self and with a Higher Power.

"A Mindless mind is a waste of Time." (MKL) 

25 Queens Road, Bryanston