Lotus Lifestyle Group is a family of like-minded specialists who exist to help others live the Lotus Lifestyle; that is to live a truly happy, healthy and fulfilled life. We believe in the value of Connection, Community, Yoga, Meditation, Health and Well-Being and we strive to make these values accessible to all. 

Each member of the Lotus Lifestyle family is dedicated to her Yogic lifestyle and continues to learn and grow through practical experience every day. We all studied an authentic, traditional practice and hold a strong connection to India- the home of Yoga and Meditation.

Meet the Team...

Jessica Simeonides
Founder; Yoga and Meditation Instructor; Mentor

Yoga Teacher Training - Rishikul Yogshala (India)

Yoga for Children Course - Yoga 4 kids

Philosophy - Practical School of Philosophy

Ayurveda Lifestyle - Ananda Sanga  

Bachelor of Education - UNISA                          

Montessori Course - KHT Montessori (USA)

"As a passionate yogi, on and off the mat, it is my life's purpose to help others find their peace, while I experience mine. 

Achieving a life-long dream of travelling to India sparked my love for the Yogic way of life. Living with people who had nothing but experienced pure contentment and joy showed me how possible it is to live a truly happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Passionately intrigued by this idea I have continued my studies in Yoga, Meditation, Philosophy and Ayurveda and have made it a priority to share all that I can while I continue to learn about, grow from and  experience this fulfilling path in it's entirety.  

Each day is a blessing,  a chance to learn, grow, connect and  experience a little more of what this incredible world has to offer. I am filled with gratitude for this life and I hope to instill the same sense of wonderment and awe in others. "

Andrea Rouessart
Reiki Master and Teacher,  Hatha and Restorative Yoga Instructor, Meditation Guide

I am Blessed to be a natural teacher and have offered many long and short courses over the years, on subjects such as The Chakras, Reiki, Meditation, Spirituality and Gemstones. I love stones and use them in all of my practices to amplify energy, healing and understanding.

I feel an immeasurable gratitude to have the opportunity to help others awaken, and recognize their inner wisdom. I am honored to assist humans in moving towards their higher selves and their Life's purpose.
I believe that with time and dedication, one can clear the pathways in the body, mind and soul to allow for energy to move freely through us, reaching a point of unlimited creativity and manifestation.

I work from  a platform of Love and Light and continue to study in my own capacity  in order to offer myself and my clients a sustainable and holistic approach to leading a balanced and peaceful life.

Watch this space for the rest of the family's bios.