Jessica Simeonides 
Founder: Young Yogis; Yogi Centered; Lotus Lifestyle Group

Bachelor of Education-UNISA                          

Montessori Course -KHT Montessori (USA)

Yoga Teacher Training-Rishikul Yogshala (India)

Yoga for children course -Yoga 4 kids

Philosophy -Practical School of Philosophy

"As a passionate yogi, on and off the mat, it is my life's purpose to help others find their peace, while I experience mine. Each day is a blessing,  a chance to learn, grow, connect and  experience a little more of what this incredible world has to offer. I am filled with gratitude for this life and I hope to instill the same sense of wonderment and awe in others.  

I have been a practicing and passionate yogi since I was a teenager. I always knew my life's purpose involved helping others and teaching. Naturally, after school, I studied a Bachelor of Education Degree and became a school teacher. Eager to make more of a difference and perhaps frustrated by the limitations of the education system, I trained as a children's yoga instructor and started Young Yogis- Yoga and Wellness Classes for Children.  My passion for yoga grew as did my hunger to learn more and in 2016 I travelled to Rishikesh, India to further my training. The experience was indescribable, life-changing, beautiful! Upon my return, Yogi Centered- Yoga For All- was born. 

The vision of Lotus Lifestyle Group began when I truly noticed how unique we all are, I realised that I would like to help everyone, not just those who click with me, my teaching styles and my practices.  I envisioned Lotus Lifestyle Group as a family of like-minded specialists, all with a common goal- to share the Lotus Lifestyle. Well, the universe was clearly listening... Incredibly, that vision is fulfilling it's desire and manifesting beautifully in our studio today, what a blessing!"

Michelle-Karen Leicher

Yoga Instructor; Meditation Instructor; Reiki Master

Yoga Teacher Training - Ananda Yoga (India)
Yoga For Children  course - Yoga 4 Kids
             Young Yogis

Reiki Master - Hour of Power

"India calling... I had the privilege of travelling to India to 'Ananda Yoga' Ashram, in the province of Utter Pradesh, Northern India in 2010 E.V. I spent six weeks at the Ashram, and left with the beautiful universal gift of Yoga, and my certification, to teach all ages (Internationally recognised).This beautiful gift was completed by being in the presence of the Dalai Lama, and enjoying time in Rishikesh ~ the Yoga capital of the world.

I am: a Buddhist, Vegan, Animal Rights Activist, Musician and Writer. But, above all, I am a Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master. My Yoga journey started over 10 years ago with the practice of Iyengar Yoga, and continues to grow to this day."I found Yoga; I found love."

Teaching Yoga to children incorporates a love for animals, by allowing children to 'be' just that and to connect with animals. It is also a beautiful connection to Mother Earth, creating awareness of all around us.

As a healer, it is my responsibility and a blessing to share these gifts, and to share them with love.

"Live with self~control, love, joy and compassion."

Palms together in boundless love and joy."  

25 Queens Road, Bryanston